Learn about Colorado sales tax law and compliance Thursday, September 18

Sales tax fundamentals_Sept_18

Do you know how much property tax you are paying to the City of Salida? You may be surprised… Zero! In 2008, the City of Salida repealed its property tax. City services depend on sales tax. We want our local businesses to thrive for the sake of the entrepreneurs, artists, store managers and employees. We also need retailers to be successful and remit the sales tax collected from customers to keep the parks green, streets cleaned, public safety personnel employed and so much more that is necessary for the city to be a safe and attractive community.

Ruth West, Colorado Department of Revenue Taxpayer Education Specialist, will present two workshops on Thursday, September 18 at the SteamPlant Event Center, 220 W. Sackett, that will explain Colorado tax law; she will help develop practical skills toward Colorado tax law compliance and answer your questions. There will be a morning session from 8:00 – 10:30 a.m. with a free light breakfast provided and a lunch session with snacks provided (bring your own brown bag lunch) from 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Both sessions are free and open to the public. The class is ideal for new or current Colorado businesses who want to learn the basics and for tax preparers who consult with Colorado clients on sales taxes. Participants learn Colorado sales tax concepts including multiple jurisdictions and tax rates; how to use the DR 1002; what is available on the Taxation websites as well as Revenue Online services; state sales tax terminology and specific factors in taxation and filing situations.

Please RSVP for this class by going to: http://www.revenue.state.co.us/TaxClass/ClassSchedule.aspx

For more information about this class contact Emily Katsimpalis, Special Projects Coordinator at 719-530-2628 or Emily.katsimpalis@cityofsalida.com

So, take another look around downtown Salida. All those recent improvements – stamped concrete crosswalks, Sackett Avenue, creative arts bridge and bike racks, new trees and so much more – are not possible without sales tax revenue. We all depend upon it.