911 Charges and Registering for Emergency Notification Service

You may have noticed charges listed on your wireless phone bill for various taxes and surcharges. While these charges may seem routine and generally go unnoticed, they are very important to your local emergency responders.

A very small portion of your bill is a local 911 charge, which goes to fund local emergency responders. To determine what fees to charge, your wireless provider uses the address associated with your account and assesses appropriate taxes and other charges dependent upon what district(s) you reside in.

If you have recently moved to the Salida area, be sure to verify that you have updated your service and billing addresses with your wireless provider to ensure that taxes and other fees are being assessed for the appropriate district(s). You must update both your service and billing addresses with your wireless carrier for local jurisdictions to receive the appropriate taxes and fees to help support regular operations. It takes just a few moments to update your address and can easily be done online or by calling your wireless carrier.

Registering for Emergency Notification Services (E911) provides for notification of emergency situations including evacuation notices, missing child reports and other critical community alerts via reverse 911 calling, text messaging and email.

Registering for E911 is very simple and can be done online by visiting the 911 Colorado Foundation’s website and selecting your appropriate county at www.911colorado.org/emergency-notification-service/ . It is very important to update your registration anytime you relocate to ensure you are receiving alerts that pertain to your neighborhood or community.