City seeking delegates for a Citizens’ Forum on Community Engagement & Public Information

Do you have experience in communication, civic engagement, public relations or journalism or have ideas on how the City can enhance communications with the public? If so—we need you!

The City is seeking delegates to serve on a Citizens’ Forum focused on Community Engagement and Public Information. Delegates will meet just four times over a six week period for a focused discussion on current and possible approaches to how the City engages and communicates with the public, with the intent of providing solutions and recommendations.

A citizens’ forum is comprised of a diverse group of interested citizens typically knowledgeable, experienced or interested in the topic who will investigate and discuss a City issue and bring recommendations to City Council.

  • City Council approves delegates by resolution.
  • Sessions are made up of four meetings over a 6-8 week period lasting about 1.5 hours.
  • Since the participants in a citizens’ forum are not committing for a multi-year obligation, we can diversify the variety of citizens who are willing to participate.
  • Discussion is focused on providing recommendations for the topic at hand.
  • Sessions are led by a facilitator who ensures everyone’s voice is heard and civility is maintained. Staff is in the background and is there to provide information and resources for the delegates.

If you are interested, fill out at an application found here. Submit the completed application to City Hall at 448 East First Street, Suite 112 or e-mail your completed application to Please submit the application by July 23. For more information about the citizens’ forum, contact Deputy City Clerk Audrey Gilpin at 530-2630 or at the e-mail address listed above.