A very unique opportunity! Weekly workshops start next Wednesday, July 30: Help Box of Bubbles create an ArtCar for the ArtoCade parade in Trinidad!

The Salida Creative District and Box of Bubbles invite anyone interested in helping to create the Box of Bubbles ‘ArtVan’ to Box of Bubbles, 135 E. 2nd Street, for weekly workshops starting next Wednesday, July 30 at 6:00 p.m. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. The workshops will require hands-on creativity, but you do not have to be an artist to help with the process.

Box of Bubbles owner Ken Brandon has a Volkswagen van that he would like to turn into an ‘ArtCar/ArtVan’ and enter into the ArtoCade Parade in Trinidad happening Saturday, September 13. The workshops will occur every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at Box of Bubbles from July 30 until the van is completed.

If you have a car, bike or other vehicle you would like to enter into Trinidad’s parade you are welcome to work on your project at the workshops if you bring your own materials. It will be a fun, festive and creative atmosphere every Wednesday evening! This is a unique opportunity to experience and be part of a very exciting event that has the potential to receive national recognition. The only limitations will be your imagination and the laws of physics!

Additionally, anyone interested in decorating their bike for the Salida Bike Fest parade (coincidentally also happening Saturday, September 13) is invited to join the creative fun happening at Box of Bubbles.

Wondering what an ArtCar is? And what the parade in Trinidad is all about? According to the website for the event, ‘“If you can’t drive it, it’s a float.”’ For more information about this fun and exciting event (the second largest ArtCar parade in the United States) visit: http://www.historictrinidad.com/artocade.html

For questions and more information about Box of Bubbles’ ArtVan project call Ken Brandon at 719-539-7443.

*children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian to attend the workshops*

Earth, WInd and Fire ArtCar at the 2014 CCI Summit

Earth, Wind and Fire ArtCar at the 2014 CCI Summit