Code Enforcement Officer Position Filled

Jessica Lattanzio

The City of Salida is pleased to welcome Jessica Lattanzio as the newly hired Code Enforcement Officer. Lattanzio’s first day was May 19th, and she is currently in training.

A graduate from Texas State University, Lattanzio has lived in Salida for two years. She came to Salida to work with the Southwest Conservation Corps, and then worked for the Forest Service in a seasonal position. She also assisted the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association implementing educational programs.

“I look forward to meeting and working with the community in this position,” Lattanzio said.

The Code Enforcement Officer position has been vacant since mid-November of 2013. Terry Clark, Salida Police Chief, said he is pleased to have the position filled again. “I want to let the public know that the two hour parking limit will begin to be enforced regularly, starting in the next few weeks. Also, code and animal issues will be addressed on a more regular basis after Lattanzio’s training is complete,” he said.

Lattanzio can be reached at 530-2600 or 530-2615.