Public Meetings on Sidewalk Planning and Hwy 50

Mark your calendars for Tuesday April 8th and Thursday April 10th at 6pm at the SteamPlant for two public meetings to discuss the future location of sidewalks in the City and ideas for a possible “Road Diet” on US Hwy 50.

Tuesday’s meeting on the 8th will be an interactive meeting to set short and long term goals for the future of sidewalks in the community.  At this meeting, citizens will map where in the City sidewalks should be located.  Recommendations from the public will be incorporated into a sidewalk plan created by the Planning Commission.  This plan will help the Planning Commission determine priority locations for future sidewalks, The Council will consider this in the coming months as they consider how to repair existing sidewalks.

Thursday night’s meeting on the 10th will be hosted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (“CDOT”) on “Road Diet” ideas for reducing speeds on US Hwy 50.  During the meeting, CDOT will present different ideas for the restriping and other improvements that may be done along the highway corridor. This could include medians, bike lanes, on street parking, gateway signage, or other ideas to help reduce speeds. Other elements that will be considered include pedestrian crossings, electronic radar signs, and other traffic calming devices.

During this meeting, there will be electronic voting on different ideas. The results from the polling of the public will be presented to City Council for their consideration for implementation.   Hwy 50 property and business owners are strongly encouraged to attend to provide comment. The City will also be sending invitations to this meeting to property and business owners early next week. So please check your mail box.

These ideas will be incorporated into the enhancement funding project scheduled for this spring from New Street to Palmer Street. The City has received $575,000 in Enhancement funding from CDOT for the installation of sidewalks, parkways, and lighting from New Street to Palmer Street along Hwy 50.  The total project cost for this section of improvements is $711,162, and the City of Salida will be contributing the remaining balance as a match for the funding.

With the busy summer season around the corner, the City hopes to garner as much public input on these two important topics to allow the City to continue to move forward with these important infrastructure projects. See everyone next week.