Office of the Mayor Clarifies City Departments

From the Office of the Mayor:

This press release is being issued to clear up an unfortunate misunderstanding about the organization of City departments. On April 3, the City issued a press release that stated, “The Salida SteamPlant and Hot Springs Pool/Recreation Departments have merged to create the Arts and Recreation Department.” That statement was in error. Since then, attempts to clarify what has actually happened have failed. So here is another try.

Prior to the April 3rd press release, the City was organized into seven departments: Administration, Community Development, Police, Fire, Public Works, Pool and Recreation and SteamPlant. Today, those same seven departments still exist, and no new department has been created.

What has happened is the administrative duties of two of the seven department heads, Pool and Recreation and SteamPlant, have been realigned. Section 2, Article III of the Salida Municipal Code grants the City Administrator, “the responsibility and authority to appoint, supervise and discharge all non-elected department heads and employees, excepting the City Attorney, the Municipal Prosecutor, and the Municipal Judge.”

It is the opinion of the Mayor and City Council that “appoint, supervise and discharge” includes authority to define duties and prescribe workload. That is what has happened. That is why the City Council took no action on the merger. There was no merger.

We all regret the error and the misunderstanding that has resulted.