Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center seeking proposals for new air handling system

Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center Project

The City of Salida is seeking proposals for the design of a new, or rehabilitation of the current air handling system and rehabilitation of the building envelope of the Salida Hot Springs Aquatics Center and to provide construction administration for the project.

The Aquatics Center is the largest indoor hot springs pool in the US. There are two hot spring fed pools (220,000 gallons), a Des Champs MAU and Duct Sox ductwork. The facility is located at 410 W Rainbow Blvd, Salida, Colorado.

The City is looking for solutions to three issues identified by staff and outside consultants:

  • Makeup air unit (MAU)
  • Ductwork system
  • Building envelope

Please see the PDF document for full proposal timeline and details: Request for Services_Hot Springs Pool