Wayfinding Project

The City of Salida invites all interested, qualified persons or firms capable of providing the required products, to submit bids for the Design and Fabrication of Wayfinding Signage.  The City of Salida is considering the selection of a sign fabricator for the implementation of wayfinding signs within City limits over the next 3-5 fiscal years.  A preliminary Wayfinding Plan has been created outlining the different types of signs and locations. Wayfinding Plan – 2014

The following specifications and attachments describe the minimum requirements acceptable to the City of Salida. Salida Wayfinding RFP Salida Logo

The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive abnormalities and minor irregularities in bids received and to accept any portion of the bid or all items bid if deemed in the best interest of the City of Salida.

Bids are due by 4pm on February 24, 2013. To get updated information prior to bid submittal deadline or for additional information regarding this request for proposal contact Community Development Director Michael Yerman at (719)530-2631 or by email at Michael.Yerman@cityofsalida.com.

Salida Wayfinding Questions and Answers:

The following questions have been asked about the Salida Request for Proposals for the Salida Wayfinding: Salida Wayfinding Questions and Answers  In order to provide a consistent response to all bidders, the City will periodically update this list with questions we receive. If you have any additional questions or inquires please continue to submit them to Michael.Yerman@cityofsalida.com.