Highway 50 Speeds project page

Under the “Projects” tab above, please find a page titled “Highway 50 Speeds.” This is the place to find the latest information on the proposed Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) speed increases along the Highway 50 corridor in Salida.

If you are concerned about the proposed changes, please find a Word document template on this page to use to write a letter to Donald Hunt, CDOT Executive Director, with cc instructions for letters to CDOT’s local government liaison Angie Drumm, Senator Gail Schwartz and Representative Jim Wilson.

The page also contains PDF copies of the proposed changes map, communication between CDOT and the City of Salida, as well as Mayor Jim Dickson’s letter urging concerned citizens and business owners to write a letter to the above mentioned decision makers.

Also, please note that Mike McVaugh, CDOT Region 5 Traffic & Safety Program Engineer, is planning to attend the City Council work session March 4th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. to discuss road diets for Highway 50.  This is a concept that utilizes modification to the streetscape or travel lanes to encourage slower speeds.

Please stay tuned to this project page for more information and updates on the proposed changes.