City of Salida Q3 financial report posted

Have you looked at the financial information available on the City of Salida website?

Details about the budget and actual revenues and disbursements have been published on the City’s website as soon as available for the past several years. Anyone with an interest in City finances can find a lot of detail about the City’s approved budget along with very up-to-date information such as monthly disbursement registers and quarterly financial reports.

Recently, the list of financial documents posted on the “Administration” page grew rather lengthy and our website consultant suggested creating a “Financial Documents” page under the Document Library to better organize and highlight the financial information that is available for public review. We believe this new section of the City’s website makes it easier to find information that is clearly organized under the categories of Audited Annual Financial Reports, Budgets, Interim Financial Reports, Special Presentations and Other Information, and Bills Paid. There’s a lot of detail there. But, if citizens have a particular interest in specifics beyond what is publicly posted, that information can usually be provided through an open records request. Generally, the only information not released publicly is about litigation and certain personnel matters.

Want to know how much was the City contributed to the Boys and Girls Club in January? How about the electric bills for streetlights and public facilities? Telephone bills? Attorney bills? That is all available for review.

The latest document to be added to the Financial Documents page is the 2013 Q3 Interim Financial Report. Although interim reports are not required by the Colorado Revised Statues, the City believes these interim reports serve an important purpose. They communicate to the public how the City is doing on a more timely basis than once a year, as is required. These reports also help the City officials manage resources and ensure budget compliance. Since the interim reports are not a regulatory requirement, this also allows the City the ability to include other schedules that communicate important financial information, even though they are not recognized as an official part of the financial statements. For example, we provide more detail about sales tax, headcount and personnel costs and various operating metrics. As with other quarterly reports in the past, this one will also be presented in a regular council meeting that is open to the public.

The City changed financial software systems in 2013, which means some of the financial information is in a slightly different format. Some of the comparative information is not available on the same report. However, year over year comparison information is posted for any interested parties by selecting the documents for the periods of time they are interested in seeing or, in some cases, the data may be included in appendices.

If you are interested in details you cannot find, please do not hesitate to ask the City about it!