Website Update and Information

The City of Salida has recently updated the website ( to make uploading documents more efficient. A large volume of information and meeting materials are saved on this website since it went live in June 2010 (see first post here) and is still available on the site.

The City added a new meetings function, which allows staff to create a meeting and attach minutes, agendas, packets, and memos to that meeting. This feature makes uploading meeting materials more efficient.

The City uses a website host, Word Press, for our site, and a volunteer consultant assists the City in developing the site. The City does not pay someone to maintain or host the website. The City website is intended to help users find information and to help the City get information out to the public. City staff adds meeting materials and information onto the website as a service for the community. The City understands the convenience of having items readily available on the website and strives to provide this service.

As a user of the site, you have several options to search for information. At the top right hand of the home page, there is a search function. You may type a keyword in that function, which will direct you to the page where the item is located. This function is the best option to find archived materials.

In addition, to find minutes, agendas and packets for meetings, you may click on the document library icon on the right hand side of the home page. On this page, you have two options to search for items. You can use the “Filter Documents” search function and choose “city council”, “planning commission”, etc. and then click filter.

Another option is to click on the “Minutes, Agendas and Packets” icon on the Document Library page. On this page, you will see documents from recent minutes. For older documents, you can click on “full list of meetings and documents.” This page lists all of the meetings and materials for the current year.

If, at any time, you have difficulty finding information, including meeting packets, minutes, and agendas, please do not hesitate to contact the Deputy City Clerk at 530-2630 or at City Council and other meeting materials are readily available by contacting City Hall if the items are not found on the website.

A great feature to help stay informed is the “Keep in Touch” icon that allows a user to input their e-mail address in order to receive agendas, packets, and other information posted on the website directly to their e-mail inbox.

The City broadcasts city council, planning commission, and NRCDC Board meetings on Channel 10. The City posts meeting agendas on two bulletin boards at City Hall, on the website, to the e-mail list (Keep in Touch users) and to the media. In addition, the City has a Facebook page and Twitter account to distribute information to the public. The City also writes a weekly column in the Mountain Mail.

Please call 530-2630 if you have recommendations or input regarding the City website.