Utility Billing will switch to new Software System

For the past several months, City of Salida employees have been working to implement a new “enterprise” software system from Tyler Technologies. The project encompasses many aspects of the City’s operations, and specific software applications are gradually being phased into service. The next major step will be using the new system to produce the second quarter water and sewer bills.

Customers should expect their bill in the mail during the first week of July, as usual. We are being very careful to verify that customer data is brought into the new system properly. Bills will actually be calculated in both the old and new systems for the second quarter to help ensure charges are computed accurately.

Despite all the internal review and data checking, customers are also being asked to look over their bills more carefully this quarter and to let us know if any information looks inaccurate. For example, we noticed that manual corrections were needed to show multiple names on the bill correctly because this data did not transfer properly from the old system. Also, some billing addresses for multi-unit properties were changed. Please email utilities@cityofsalida.com or call Michelle at 719-530-2622 if you have any questions or have not received your bill by the end of the first week of July.

Water meters are being read earlier than usual for both the second and third quarter billing cycles. For the second quarter, this change was necessary to allow time for the additional work involved with calculating bills in both the old and new systems and the extra validation checks. The third quarter billing cycle will be the first time that meter readings are uploaded directly into the new system (rather than going through a data conversion process from the old system). Again, we are allowing extra time to make sure the bills are prepared accurately.

Much of the benefit of this software project is behind the scenes where employees across all departments will become more efficient and have better reporting capabilities. However, the new system has additional features that customers will be able to take advantage of in the near future, such as paying on-line or going paperless by signing up to receive their bill by email. Customers are encouraged to consider signing up for ACH payment processing.

Other aspects of the project include upgrading the police department and the municipal court systems, used to manage outstanding offenses, the court docket and other important functions. Duplication of work between the court clerk and city hall staff was eliminated by linking the outstanding court fines with the cashiering function. Another benefit of the new system is the elimination of many manual processes that inherently have a greater risk of error or omission. Miscellaneous invoices and fixed assets are now centrally tracked in the system. Collections, asset maintenance, department budgets and many other financial records can also be managed better.