Safety Tips for Bike to Work Month!

May is Bike to Work Month! Grab the handlebars, ring the bell, and push off to celebrate the most efficient mode of transportation.

According to the American League of Bicyclists, Colorado is second only to Washington as the top “Bicycle Friendly State.” In order to maintain our “friendly” status, cyclists are reminded to follow the rules and regulations of the road. Here are six guidelines to keep in mind while setting out for a cruise.

  • Follow the rules…your safety depends on it! Obey traffic signals and signs and ride with traffic.
  • Being predictable is good! Signal when you plan to turn and always look behind you before switching lanes.
  • Make a statement by wearing bright clothing. A white front light and red rear light as well as reflectors will help to keep you safe and let cars and pedestrians know where you are.
  • Always think ahead. Keep an eye on other cars, bikes and pedestrians so they don’t surprise you by making a turn or sudden stop. Watch for holes and bumps in the road that could throw you off course.
  • Be prepared. Always wear a helmet and make sure that your bike is in good, working condition.
  •  Prevent road rage by being alert and prepared. Avoid making a bad situation worse.

Now that you’ve got the rules down we invite you to put them to practice by joining Salida Rec, LiveWell Chaffee County, Salida Bike Company, Sub-Culture Cyclery and Absolute Bikes on Friday, May 17, from 7 to 9 a.m., for our annual Bike-to-Work Day! Swing by the Salida SteamPlant courtyard or the Aquatic Center for a continental breakfast and coffee on your way into work. What a healthy and fun way to cap off your work week!

If you have some extra time that morning, join up with a bike tour that winds through the ages. A special guest will regale you with stories from Salida’s past, pointing out important landmarks around downtown.

Keep celebrating by putting some of these ideas into action on your own:

Organize a “Progressive Dinner Ride” by gathering a group of friends and spacing out the courses. Start with apps and drinks one place, then hop on your bikes and ride to the main course. Afterwards, earn your dessert by pedaling to the next venue!

Gather some materials and make an obstacle course. A wooden plank to ride across (elevated or on the ground), objects to avoid, even lines of chalk drawn into fun patterns to travel.

Take any excuse you can find to get on your bike. Take back those library books. Pick up the eggs you forgot on your trip to the store. Or just decide to be a good friend to that hunk of steel, or aluminum, or carbon, or…and get on your bike and ride!