Quiet Use Open Space Restoration Project Completes Phase 1

City Open Space Land Protected

By: Quiet Use Coalition

Volunteers from the Quiet Use Coalition completed the first phase of a project that will improve conditions on City of Salida open space land this past Saturday, April 27.

The group spent the day installing educational structures and signs in two locations to help recreationists make the correct decisions when traveling on routes that pass through city property.

People, primarily those in motorized vehicles, were inappropriately recreating on City open space land. This was damaging the land and resulting in a number of other problems.

The work completed Saturday will protect natural vegetation, soils, designated trails, and the natural views-cape. It will enhance desired experiences for the majority of recreationists in the area, and encourage responsible and sustainable use of the area and open space lands. The completed work will also protect habitat in the Tenderfoot Hill Potential Conservation Area. This 500 acre segment of land was identified by the Colorado Natural Heritage program as having very high biodiversity significance due to the presence of two imperiled plant species: the Arkansas Canyon Stickleaf (Nuttallia densa) and the Rock-Loving Neoparrya (Aletes lithophilus).
Those using the area are asked to respect the work by staying on maintained and approved routes. Several people passing by thanked the QUC volunteers for their efforts.

The project was approved by the Salida City Council and it is being partially supported by a Community Funding Award from the City.

A number of local individuals, businesses and individuals supported the project by helping to provide tools, materials, and volunteer prizes.

The second phase of the project will primarily involve planting native seed and will take place in the next few weeks. Those who wish to volunteer to help should contact the Quiet Use Coalition at 207-4130, or go to www.quietuse.org
Quiet Use Coalition
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