Customers Encouraged to Check for Water Leaks

In an effort to increase customer service and elevate environmental responsibility, the Salida Utilities Department is mailing over 200 letters this week notifying customers of potential leaks that could be wasting water and driving up their quarterly bill.

An advantage of the new meters that were recently installed is the ability for Public Works to take readings electronically, saving hours of staff time. These meters also store additional usage data that staff has begun to analyze and put to use for the benefit of our customers and conservation of the City’s water supply.

Water meters have been programmed to return a “potential leak” warning when at least one gallon of water flows through the meter each hour for any 24-hour period of time. Although the City continues to bill only at the end of each quarter, the Public Works department recently took a mid-quarter meter reading for data analysis purposes.

Approximately 260 meters returned a “potential leak” warning during this data analysis reading. After identifying the reason for some of these warnings, the list was narrowed to 235 customers who will receive a letter in the next few days notifying them of their possible leak. We are asking these customers to check for potential sources of wasted water.

Causes for this warning can be a variety of issues including, but not limited to:

  • A dripping faucet
  • A leaking flapper valve on a toilet
  • A malfunctioning water softener
  • A leaking furnace humidifier

Although these type of leaks are NOT the typical high usage leaks that drastically increase a customer’s bill, they can be controlled with little effort and cost. We are encouraging all customers to regularly check any appliances that use water for leaks and repair them promptly. Doing so ensures that we are not paying the costs to treat and distribute water that is ultimately wasted. It is the customer’s responsibility to find and fix these types of leaks.

Actual readings for the fourth quarter billing cycle will be taken on December 20. Bills will be processed and mailed by the last business day of the year, which falls on December 28th. Customers should begin receiving fourth quarter bills in the mail during the first week of January.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your water service, please contact Michelle in the Salida Utilities office at 719-530-2622 or via email at