2012 Community Survey

Michael K. Yerman, Community Development Director

As part of ongoing efforts to obtain feedback about the status of our community and priorities for the future, the City will be conducting a Community Survey over the next 2 months.  This survey will be very similar to the community survey conducted in 2009 and will allow the City’s residents to provide feedback on issues they feel are important.

A survey can be an effective tool to collect information and opinions that reflect the population of the community.  This survey asks for both factual information and opinions from citizens.  The survey allows citizens to provide feedback on issues including economic development, transportation, land use and growth, prioritizing City projects and how the various City departments are doing.

It is the hope of the Community Development Department that the survey results will be used to inform the City Council, Planning Commission and citizens about the status of our City.  The results of the survey will help to inform the principals and policies contained in the Comprehensive Plan.

The results of this survey will be compared to the results of the 2009 community survey.  These results will be incorporated in the update to the Comprehensive Plan which is currently being prepared by the Planning Commission.

A public meeting hosted by the Planning Commission will be held in February to discuss the results of the survey and to update the community on the progress of the Comprehensive Plan.

Over the coming week, the surveys will be mailed to all 4,281 active registered voters on the current list kept by the Chaffee County Clerk & Recorder’s office.  In addition, the survey can be filled out electronically from the link on the home page labeled 2012 Community Survey.

Collection boxes for the paper surveys will be placed at the local coffee shops, the library, and at City Hall. Please take 5-10 minutes to fill your survey and let us know how we are doing.