Salida Hot Springs Pool Maintenance Closure

By Theresa Casey, Recreation Manager

The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center will be closed from October 8 through October 27 for annual maintenance and renovation of the warm pool.

We apologize for any inconveniences to your schedule during this annual shut-down. We have several major projects to complete as well as in depth cleaning to perform. Early this year staff discovered cracks and a bubble in the plaster surface of the warm pool. After consultation with several swimming pool contractors it was determined that the warm pool should be re-plastered to prevent leaking and further deterioration of the pool structure. Staff has some surprises for the warm pool users and when we re-open there may be some fish and other aquatic animals swimming with you in the pool.

This year the Salida Hot Springs Pool turns 75 years old.  The pool was built in 1937 as a part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with funds provided by the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935. (For more historic information see Aquatic Center Began as 1935 WPA Project, by Arlene Shovald, August 23, 2011, The Mountain Mail.)

Regular maintenance, daily diligence and occasional capital projects have allowed the pool to continue running, with a few interruptions, for 75 years and with continued care we plan to be around for 75 more years. The work that staff accomplishes during regular maintenance shut downs includes; power washing of the pool shells, decks, locker rooms, and reception areas; re-painting of the locker room floors, lane lines, strikers, and walls; thorough cleaning of the entire building; landscape pruning and plantings; maintain boiler, pool pumps, chlorinators and sand filters; draining and cleaning of collection vaults; and flushing of the hot springs line from the Poncha Hot Springs Source to the pool, as well as other minor cleaning and maintenance issues.

Once projects are completed it takes nearly 2 days to refill and heat the pools for your swimming and splashing pleasure.

Salida Hot Springs Pool Welcomes SilverSneakers Program

Salida Hot Springs Pool is now accepting SilverSneakers members.  SilverSneakers is a nationwide program that is striving to encourage a healthy lifestyle for all, particularly those seniors that may sometimes be a little less dedicated to routine exercise.  To become a SilverSneaker member you must be Medicare eligible (usually 65 plus) and covered by a certain group of insurance companies; the benefits of membership varies depending on the particular insurance company.

SilverSneaker membership gives you free access to the pool any time the pool is open to the public.  As a SilverSneaker member, you may attend the pool’s weekly arthritis class’s; for all other classes the fees remain the same.

For more information about SilverSneakers, please look online and then call the pool at 539-6738 and talk to one of the front desk staff.

Fall and Winter Activities

The Salida Recreation and Hot Springs Aquatic Guide is just off the press and offers many exciting activities for all ages. You can pick up a copy of the Guide at the Hot Springs Pool or check on line at to find listings of all activities. There are water fitness classes, kayak roll sessions, stroke improvement clinics and coached workouts, CPR and First Aid classes, a babysitting-with-CPR class, dance parties and lessons, hikes, cooking classes, middle school Jive and Dive Nights, Parents Night Out (says it’s for the parents, but the kids are really the focus), and a Wii Dance Party. Rowdy at Riverside and Tumbling for Tots return as family favorites.

The Ski Bus will start up when the mountain opens, with Friday and Saturday trips to Monarch Mountain. All ages are welcome and the bus will run through March 9th.

Fitness Challenge Returns

Early winter is a great time to engage in healthy, fun activities that support an active lifestyle. Salida Recreation and our community partners present the 2013 Fitness Challenge to offer you some guidance and motivation towards setting and achieving goals and feeling healthy.

The 2013 Fitness Challenge will begin with a 5k Walk & Fun Run on January 1st, followed by many free or discounted fitness classes and informational seminars. Join with friends, new and old, to set and achieve your personal wellness goals.

For more information about Salida Recreation and Hot Springs Aquatic Center please see our webpage or for up to date information, like us on Facebook.