Ride Right Cycle Safe 4th Grade Helmet Program – Tomorrow!

The annual Ride Right Cycle Safe 4th grade helmet program will take place Thursday, September 13 at Longfellow Elementary. Absolute Bikes and the City of Salida Fire and Police Departments help to educate 4th graders about bike safety. The program not only practices ideas such as making eye contact with drivers of vehicles, but it gives kids real life reasons to ride safe, as they are the role models for younger kids already looking up to them.

Shawn Gillis at Absolute Bikes said he contacted Giro for some good looking helmets for the kids, and they agreed to give Absolute Bikes a discounted rate for the program. Gillis said, “It’s always easier to wear a helmet when it fits properly, is easy to adjust and does not look like a big Styrofoam cooler like we had to wear years ago.”

Gillis said his favorite question he asked students last year was, “What’s your favorite biking trail?” He said the answers were so diverse that it showed how active local kids are. Students will be fitted for a helmet, participate in a bike rodeo where they will learn and practice hand signals and other bike safety factors, including lighting, safety checks for air, brakes and quick release, obeying traffic rules and signs, and riding defensively and aware.

Other sponsors helping with the program are Monarch Mountain and LiveWell Chaffee County.