New Technology at Salida WWTP

Exciting things are happening at the Salida Wastewater Treatment Plant. Recently, wastewater treatment plant staff tested the blowers and air headers in the newly constructed Activated Sludge Basins. Randy Sack, plant manager, said they ran 700,000 gallons of water through the  tanks to make sure the tanks are holding water and that the aeration system works properly. “So far, so good,” he said.

Further, wastewater treatment plant staff have completed some training on the SCADA system, which is all computerized and contains sensors to keep a “healthy environment” for microorganisms and keep track of equipment within the treatment plant system.


The treatment plant is at the ground level.

Anoxic Basin: all waste coming into the plant mixes together here then flows into the integrated fixed-film activated sludge basin.

Integrated fixed-film activated sludge basin

New discharge line into the UV basins

Clarifier: settles out solids.