Salida Fire Department – Promotion and New Hire

The Salida Fire Department announced Monday, August 27 that Dave McCann has been promoted to Captain of the A-Shift, and Brian Jefferson, reserve firefighter since 2009, has been hired to join the department.

McCann will begin his new role September 6. With the department for eight years, McCann has a vast array of experience in structural firefighting, wildland firefighting and emergency medical services. Beyond required certifications, McCann is also certified as Fire Instructor I, EMT Intermediate and Engine Boss. In addition, he provides CPR training annually to the fire department staff as well as other City employees. As a state certified fireworks display operator, McCann coordinates the public fireworks displays for the City.

Recently, McCann took on the role of Reserve Coordinator for the department, which involves recruiting, training and managing new reserve firefighters. Salida Fire Chief Doug Bess said of McCann, “He has gone above and beyond throughout his career to better himself and give back to the department. I am confident that Dave will perform very well in his new role as Captain.”

Jefferson will begin working the C-Shift for the fire department September 10. Jefferson is following a family tradition as his father, Bob Jefferson, is Captain of the B-Shift. Since Jefferson has joined the reserve program in 2009, he has obtained all certifications required to be a full-time firefighter for Salida. He is currently certified as State Firefighter I, EMT Basic/IV, Haz Mat Operations and Swiftwater Rescue Technician, along with certifications in the wildland field. In addition, Jefferson serves as a volunteer for Chaffee County Fire Protection District and was recently promoted to Lieutenant.

During Jefferson’s tenure, he accepted a temporary position for eight months within the department to cover another firefighter that was out with an injury. Bess said, “Brian has always made himself readily available and has shown a willingness to learn. We’re looking forward to having him work with the department.”

For more information, please contact the fire department at 539-2212.