Police Chief Talks Summer Safety

by Terry Clark, Chief of Police

Greetings from the Salida Police Department. I am glad summer is officially here, and like most everyone, I am hoping for an eventful, fun and safe season. Salida has many events planned for this year, and I wanted to touch upon a few issues that I see during this season.

Next week will bring in FIBArk, and this event is our largest and stretches over several days. After FIBArk, many events follow, which bring a lot of people to Salida. The events mostly take place in the downtown area. As everyone knows, during the event times, traffic increases and parking spaces are hard to find. I would like to ask anyone who can walk instead of drive to downtown to please do so. Or, ride your bicycle. This will help with the traffic issues and parking needs.

One additional reminder during events in Riverside Park such as FIBArk is to not bring pets to the event. During these times animals are not allowed, unless there is a specific program involving animals. The main problem with having pets in the park is dogs tend to fight with other dogs causing safety issues to the crowd, sanitary issues with food and beverages being served, and dogs leaving their excrement on the ground.

Since most of the events serve alcohol, I want to point out the rules and legalities surrounding the service of alcohol at these outdoor events. The host of the event has taken out a Liquor License through the State and the City ofSalidaand must follow the same rules that apply to any liquor establishment. The problems you might encounter during a special event are from being outdoors and not seeing the boundaries. Each license given out has a specified boundary that describes where you are allowed to have alcohol. Look for the fencing around the park and there signs posted showing what is allowed. I would ask each of you that do drink to do so responsibly.

I encourage anyone with questions or concerns about any of these issues or others to contact us at the Salida Police Department 719-539-6880. We wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer.