Mayor Addresses Fire Ban

By Don Stephens, Mayor of Salida

Monday evening City Council enacted an emergency ordinance restricting any use or sales of fireworks, and any open fires within the city limits, including but not limited to charcoal fires and cigarette smoking.  Basically, anything other than propane grills are simply not to be used outdoors.

Extremely dry conditions have led to several fires around the state, two of which shut down our two primary routes to Colorado Springs. Whether or not there is a significant event in or near Chaffee County, we have already seen that any fire, small or large, in the high country has a very real effect on our community.  The Texas Creek fire is an example of how a simple harmless action can lead to the loss of our highway.

As your Mayor, I feel it is my duty to address the severity of the conditions to our citizens.  I am asking for you to exercise common sense during the upcoming holiday and summer season.  I, myself, have been at many neighborhood celebrations that include fireworks.  Not this year.  Please join me in enjoying our summer months with the awareness of the volatility of our environment.

Salida Police will strictly enforce this ordinance until conditions change for the better.  Until then, celebrate our communities and our cultures, and be thoughtful of our neighbors, near and far.