64th Annual FIBArk – Summer Kickoff Event

by Dara MacDonald, City Administrator

Whether you enjoy slalom races, carnival rides, a parade or Saturday afternoon music in the park, there is a way for everyone to enjoy the free activities this weekend has to offer.  FIBArk is the first big event of the summer in Salida and the City staff is pleased to support this festival as we do all public events throughout the year.

Many thanks to the volunteers on the FIBArk Board who work hard throughout the year to bring this festival to fruition.  Unlike many communities, events in Salida are mostly organized by community volunteers rather than paid staff.  This ensures a rich palette of community events that reflect the varied interests and resources of our community.

Our community is fortunate to have many people who love being here and care about providing a variety of events and entertainment options.  The Memorial Day Bluegrass Festival, FIBArk, ArtWalk, Brewers’ Rendezvous, and Salida Classic each highlight a distinct aspect of our community.  These events and others all share in the celebration of our great climate, creative pursuits, recreation amenities and friendly community.

The businesses and individuals who sponsor and actively support FIBArk and other events are integral to the success of these offerings.  We appreciate the support larger companies such as New Belgium Brewing and Subaru bring to our community events.  Events also receive a great deal of support from our very own local merchants here in Salida.  By supporting business sponsors, we foster community through the events and activities they in turn underwrite.

Many of the initiatives that make this community a great place require a partnership between local citizens and local government.  Remember that the police, fire, recreation and public works departments are working hard this weekend behind the scenes to help the festival run smoothly and safely.

I hope to see you by the river this weekend.  Happy 64th annual FIBArk!