Software Request for Information

The City of Salida is seeking information from software vendors for the licensing, installation, training and maintenance of a system to perform the functionality described below.

All responses must be submitted prior to 2:00 PM on Friday, June 22, 2012 to the Finance Director, City of Salida, 448 East First Street, Suite 112, Salida, CO 81201.


The City of Salida, located in south-central Colorado, has a population of approximately 5,300. The City operates enterprise or business-type funds in addition to the general fund and a conservation trust fund. The City employs 53 full-time and approximately 50 part-time workers who provide the following municipal services:

  • Water and wastewater treatment and distribution
  • Planning and community development
  • Streets and infrastructure maintenance and improvements
  • Police and fire protection
  • Municipal court
  • Municipal swimming pool and recreation programs
  • Event center
  • Vital statistisc

Charges and fees for all services are billed and collected in-house Approximately 3,100 customers are served by Salida’s water and/or wastewater services and, of those, approximately 300 are signed up for ACH. The City is considering paperless billing as well as on-line payment and credit card payment options. The City imposes an occupation tax on short-term lodging (14 motels and 50 vacation rentals) and collects various franchise fees and intergovernmental revenue. In 2011, the City processed 2,100 accounts payable checks and 100 on-line bill payments and prepared 152 W-2s and 32 1099s.

The City’s current billing system is used to generate water and wastewater service billings and to process daily cash collections with an interface to the general ledger. A primary goal of the software conversion is to eliminate staff’s reliance on Excel and Word to heavily supplement the software packages for miscellaneous billings and tracking supplemental financial data and key metrics.

The City’s current system runs on a Dell Power Edge 1900 4GB Server (Quad Core Xeon Processor E5310 2x4MB Cache, 1.60GHz, 1066MHz FSB) with the Windows Server 2003 operating system (standard edition), 2008 Media. 


Salida’s operations require a system to provide the following functionality:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Budget Preparation (with multiple version capability)
  3. Financial Reporting & Analysis
  4. Billing
    1. Utility Billing – Water & Wastewater (Badger meters)
    2. Occupational Tax on Lodging
    3. Other (eg. planning & zoning fees, lab testing, bulk water, park rentals, recreation programs, reimbursements, meeting room rentals, etc.)
  5. Cash Receipts
  6. Accounts Payable
  7. Fixed Assets

Additional functionality that may be considered include:

  1. Court Fines / Payment Tracking
  2. Payroll
  3. Human Resources
  4. Event Management
  5. Sales Tax

Vendor Response Format and General Proposal

Responses should be prepared in a simple and straightforward manner. Reviewers will expect a concise description of the vendor’s ability to meet the requirements of this request for information. Please see the complete RFI for all requested information and the manner in which it is to be presented.

Evaluation Process

Prior to awarding a contract, staff shall complete a thorough evaluation of system capabilities, training and support offerings, on-going maintenance, vendor financial stability, references from other customers and total costs for each system.

Product demonstrations of the software functionality will be required prior to any bid acceptance. The City shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the vendor during the evaluation process. The City will perform whatever research it deems necessary to thoroughly assess the vendor’s history, financial viability, customer service capabilities and the software’s performance and reliability.

The City may request additional information to further clarify, explain or validate the contents of any proposal. All information must be submitted to the City in writing within three working days of the City’s request.

Bid Acceptance or Rejection

The City reserves the right to reject all proposals, or to reject any proposal in part or in whole, and to award the proposal to the most responsive and responsible firm as deemed in the best interest of the City. Further, the right is reserved to waive any formalities or informalities contained in this proposal.