Salida City Codes and Property Maintenance

by Terry Clark, Police Chief

I wanted to give an update on our department and the activities for this summer. I would like to introduce our newest member of the police department, Oliver Williams. He started in February of this year. Oliver comes to us from Eagle, Colorado, and we are very glad to welcome Oliver to the department. Currently, our manpower is down one officer, and we are in the process of hiring a new officer.

I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about Salida City Codes and Property Maintenance issues. In recent months, the City has reviewed all of the Salida City Codes and has done a major clean- up of the Code book. Most of the codes were updated and, in some cases, modified. This project was much needed.

Our department handles the enforcement issues on most code issues such as Animal Laws, Parking Issues, Weed and Junk Code Violations, Advertising Sign Codes and Junk/Abandoned Vehicles, etc. Each of these has specific code regulations on the books, and I encourage anyone wanting further information on the codes to contact Salida City Hall or the Salida Police Department.

The one area that I see as a growing issue is the Junk and Weed violations. As you drive around town, it seems there are a great deal of properties with junk piled on the property. A good deal of properties have uncontrolled weeds growing. This is very concerning to me as I believe it would also be concerning to the citizens of Salida. We will continue to actively enforce the code laws, and we will give warnings or notices where we can. In most cases of code law violations, the outcome desired is to come into compliance.

I would like to ask all the citizens of Salida to look around your property, and if you have issues with junk and weeds,  take care of them before we notify you. If you are in need of information on people who might assist you with junk and weed issues, contact our department as we can supply you with information in that area.

Where properties are left in disrepair, broken windows, near collapsed sheds, etc – I firmly believe this creates an environment that attracts crime. We see criminal mischief cases, trespass cases, arson cases and more in areas that are basically run down and look abandoned. So, I urge citizens to clean up your property, and let’s all take pride in our very nice community.

As I close, I wanted to make a brief mention on the summer time traffic issues, as the volume increases and the number of bicyclists and pedestrians do as well. Please be careful and obey the rules of the road. I have noticed a positive difference in traffic behavior since my last article on bicycles and vehicle traffic. Thank you to those who are paying attention and doing the right thing.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer. We welcome anyone with questions or concerns to stop by the police department at 448 E. 1st St., Suite 274 in Salida or call in at 539-6880.