Property Owners Encouraged to Read the Municipal Utilities Code

A letter is being sent to all realty offices with addresses listed in the City of Salida as a proactive step toward improving communication about water and wastewater services in Salida. In the spirit of “being open for business,” the staff at the City would like to help the real estate community better serve their clients by making them more aware of local laws related to municipal utilities that affect Salida properties.

We encourage anyone buying property in the City to understand the major provisions of the Municipal Utilities Code and how accounts are classified and set up for billing purposes.

The City of Salida operates an enterprise to provide water and wastewater services to properties within the city limits as well as to some properties in the surrounding area. The City Council serves as the governing body of the water and wastewater enterprise. Local laws dictate staff’s operation of the enterprise and are established by ordinances of the City Council. These ordinances are codified in Chapter 13, Municipal Utilities, in the Salida Municipal Code (the Code).

Last year, the Municipal Utilities chapter of the Code was rewritten and the City Council implemented a number of substantive changes. It would be impossible to summarize all key provisions of the 29 pages that address water and wastewater services. Inevitably, any list we might prepare of “important things to know” would miss something relevant to a reader. Therefore, we want to direct current and prospective property owners to City’s website where you can find a complete copy of the Code. Please call us if you need clarification about any of the requirements.

On the right side of the City’s home page at, you will find a link to the Municipal Code under Resources. Select the option to download the code by chapter and then you will see each chapter of the code available as a pdf document. (Please note that code available through has not yet been updated. This will be done once the entire code re-write project is finished.)

Should you have any questions about water and wastewater service now or in the future as you evaluate a specific real estate transaction, please do not hesitate to contact someone in the finance department at City Hall.