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Chief addresses safety issues

Chief Terry Clark, Salida Police Department Greetings from the Salida Police Department. We hope everyone has enjoyed the Holiday Season so far. I know we are all thankful for the fresh snow in the mountains, hoping there will be a lot more to come over the winter.  My message for this article is about … more […]

Ballots Are In The Mail – Special Municipal Election

Ballots were mailed Monday, December 24, 2012, to approximately 3,200 active registered voters for the January 15, 2013 City of Salida Special Municipal Election. Voters who do not receive a ballot soon should contact the Clerk’s Office at 530-2630 or in person at City Hall, 448 East First Street, Suite 112. The office is open […]

Are you interested in learning more about your household water use?

City of Salida water customers interested in learning more about their household water use can “check out” a monitoring device from the public works department. The water meter monitor mounts magnetically to your refrigerator or stove and enables you to track your water usage. For example, you could check the meter reading immediately before and […]

Holiday Message from Mayor Stephens

If you are reading this, perhaps we made it through the Mayan Apocalypse.  But you never know as guessing one day a couple thousand years into the future may be an inexact science.  However after seeing Mayan architecture, engineering, and how they tie it into the natural world, I wouldn’t put it past them to […]

Customers Encouraged to Check for Water Leaks

In an effort to increase customer service and elevate environmental responsibility, the Salida Utilities Department is mailing over 200 letters this week notifying customers of potential leaks that could be wasting water and driving up their quarterly bill. An advantage of the new meters that were recently installed is the ability for Public Works to […]

Recreation Advisory Board Seeks Members

The Salida Recreation Advisory Board serves as a link between City Council, City Staff and the citizens of Salida, assists City Council and City Staff in evaluating and prioritizing parks, trails, recreation, and open-space projects and assists the city in evaluating funding sources for parks, trails, recreation and open space projects in the community. Salida […]

Notice of a Special Municipal Election

CITY OF SALIDA       NOTICE OF A SPECIAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes, §31-2-204(2), notice is hereby given of a Special Municipal Election of the City of Salida, to be held on January 15, 2013.  This election will be conducted by mail. At said election, the electors of the City shall vote … more […]

Salida Recreation 2013 Fitness Challenge

Maggie Murdoch, Salida Recreation If you are like me, you might embrace the holidays as a special time of indulgence—a time to cook and savor rich, delicious food with friends and family. All this is fine and good, and I believe that when indulgent eating is fully enjoyed, one benefits from the many flavors, aromas, […]

City Council Work Session and Meeting

Materials for the City Council Work Session and Meeting are available: City Council Work Session Agenda and Memo City Council Regular Meeting Packet more »

Chief Bess Offers Fire Prevention Tips for the Holidays!

Keep Your Holidays From Going Up in Flames! The City of Salida Fire Department & The South Arkansas Fire Protection District Offer Fire Prevention Tips for a Safe and Festive Holiday Season   November 27, 2012 Chief  Doug Bess For most of us, the holiday season represents a time for family festivities and good cheer. […]