Striker Trail Completion

Construction of the Striker Trail was recently completed north of the Ben Oswald Soccer Fields.  This trail completes a long-planned connection between neighborhoods east of the soccer fields and the Monarch Spur Trail. 

 This trail is the result of cooperation between Salida School District R-32-J and the City of Salida.  Funding was provided by Salida-area Parks Open Space and Trails (SPOT) and a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).  Construction was completed by the Southwest Conservation Corps-Los Valles based in Salida.

 The Striker Trail, named for a forward, goal-scoring position in soccer, has been planned for a number of years.  The opportunity for construction of this trail became possible this summer when GOCO offered a unique grant opportunity to fund youth corps programs for parks, trails and open space projects.  The City, SPOT and Southwest Conservation Corps (SCC) came together and selected the Striker Trail project for application.  SPOT agreed to provide funding for materials for construction of three bridges for the project and to assist with securing fencing for the soccer fields.  SCC drafted the grant application and the City agreed to submit the grant.  Funding was provided by GOCO to pay for several weeks of service by the youth corps for trail construction.

 The trail, crossing school district property, connects Chipeta Trail, Angelview Circle and the Monarch Spur Trail.  This critical connection allows easy access for soccer players who live east of the area to reach the fields.  It also provides a quick connection to the Monarch Spur Trail and the Loyal Duke Dog Park for residents of those streets and the surrounding neighborhoods.

 While it is hoped that many residents will enjoy the access provided by the Striker Trail, we ask that people continue to respect the tremendous effort that goes into maintaining the soccer fields and utilize those fields only for their intended purpose.

Both the urban and rural trails around the City of Salida have been greatly expanded and improved over the past several years.  These projects are only possible with grant funding from agencies like GOCO and the support of organizations like SPOT, Salida Mountain Trails and Southwest Conservation Corps.  Together these groups have created more than just the Striker Trail in 2011.  Other joint projects in 2011 include re-route of the Prospector Trail, construction of the Chili Trails, installation of bike route signs on County roads and maintenance on the Burn Pile Trail amongst others.

Non-motorized trails in and around the City continue to see increased use by both residents and visitors alike.  The trail system is an integral part of fostering a community that allows for healthy lifestyles, alternative transportation and easy access to the outdoors.  With the ongoing assistance of community groups like SPOT, Salida Mountain Trails and the Southwest Conservation Corps we can maintain and expand this valuable trail system for all to enjoy.

For more information about the trails in and around Salida check out the City’s website at

Dara MacDonald – Community Development Director