Disconnecting from the City’s Utility Service

When City Council repealed and reenacted Chapter 13, Municipal Utilities, of the Salida Municipal Code earlier this year, a provision was added regarding the disconnection of service.

Section 13-2-210 provides that “any property owner who desires to disconnect a water or wastewater service line must give written notice to the City.” We developed a form that a property owner must complete to give written notice to the City of the intent to disconnect service.

The notice includes the following important acknowledgments of this action:

  • Discontinuance of service forfeits all rights to water and/or wastewater services for the account identified above that are provided through a connection to the City’s system(s). Should such services be desired in the future for the Property, all applicable system development fees, resource fees, special assessments, and any other new connection fees generally charged shall be applied prior to approval of a reconnection. 
  • Future service to the Property is not guaranteed and is subject to available capacity at such time as reconnection may be requested.
  • Responsibility for the water and/or wastewater service line for which abandonment is hereby requested remains the responsibility of the Property owner.

The Public Works Department will perform the service line disconnection, and the owner must pay for all costs incurred by the Department in completing the disconnection.