Accessory Structure Fee Deferral and Fee Suspension Agreements Available

In May of this year, City Council repealed and reenacted Chapter 13 of the Salida Municipal Code, which governs water and sewer service. The new code provided for a change in the treatment of residential properties that include both a primary and accessory structure. To reduce quarterly service charges for the account, the owners of such properties may restrict the use of the property as a single-family residence through an agreement with the City. In other words, the primary and accessory structures must be occupied by the same household. The property could be rented in its entirety but each structure could not be occupied by different renters or the owner and renter(s).

Owners of such properties already in existence would see a reduction in future water and sewer bills. The base service fees for water and sewer service would be reduced by $42.21 ($57.81 in service charges less $15.60 in usage charges) per quarter. Currently, the service fees for an unrestricted accessory unit are 50% of the base service fees for a regular living unit (which add up to $115.61 per quarter).

In the case of new accessory structures for which no system development fees have yet been paid, the City will agree to defer collection of system development fee payments and service charges if the property owner signs an agreement to restrict use of the structures as a single-family residence.

A fee will be charged to the property owner to cover the administrative costs associated with these agreements, which must be recorded with the Office of the Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder. The county charges $6 for the first page and $5 for each additional page to record documents. Staff has proposed a fee of $40 for each agreement to cover both the recording fees and some staff time.