Police Department and Summer Events Update

Greetings from the Salida Police Department. Summer is here and the great Colorado weather has finally arrived.

A quick update on our police department and summer time events in Salida. Our new police department in the Touber building has worked out great. We have been in the building just a little over a year now and we really appreciate it.

Salida has become known for its many summer time events and the biggest one – FIBArk – is just a week away. Each year the event seems to draw a large number of people, local and visitors. I wanted to go over some of the issues and concerns we see, with the idea of making this a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. The number one issue as always, Parking. This area of downtown has limited parking as it is but with street closures it becomes even more of an issue. My advice to everyone, if possible leave your vehicle at home and walk or ride your bike. If this will not work look for the public parking, keeping in mind some of these areas are 2 hour time limited spaces. One special reminder on parking- during the FIBArk parade on Saturday morning, there is no parking allowed on F Street from 1st Street to 7th Street. Signs will be posted along this route during the late evening hours the night before but please help out by not leaving your car parked over night in this area and let other people know about the no parking during the parade time. We will have any vehicles parked there towed away.

One area I wanted to touch on and try to explain is the Alcohol served in the Riverside Park. As with any establishment who serves alcohol, there are rules that apply. It is important that you do not leave the fenced boundaries of the park with your alcoholic beverage, this violates state law.

You are not allowed to bring in any alcoholic beverages either.

Each year during the event we take several calls of children who have been separated from their parents, please keep close contact with your children while at the event. The crowds are large at times and this can be a very scary deal for the child as well as the parent. You might want to discuss an emergency plan with your child ahead of time in case you get separated and have a designated place such as the “Playground” to meet at.

Just a quick reminder about dogs/pets- they are not allowed in the festival area in Riverside Park. The only exception will be a ‘working/ service” dog who is helping their owner.

As we move in to summer the amount of traffic on the roads increases, which includes pedestrians and bicyclist. Bicyclists please stop at the stop signs. I just wanted to ask everyone to be more mindful of all types of traffic and use caution as you go down the roads.

We are very fortunate to live in a great community with a lot of good people and I want to thank each of you for your continued support. The Salida Police Department would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer. If you have any questions or concerns on these issues or others, please contact us.

Terry Clark

Chief of Police