4th of July Festivities and Fireworks Safety

It is hard to believe but summer is officially here and the 4th of July Fireworks show is just around the corner. After receiving great comments regarding last year’s show, we will continue with the expanded display. The show should begin around 9:30pm, weather permitting of course. We look forward to another huge crowd visiting downtown and enjoying the show.

The fireworks display is able to be accomplished due to the generosity of the citizens of Salida, Poncha Springs and southern Chaffee County. Every year the fire departments travel the streets in the area accepting donations for the upcoming year’s show and this year will be no different. Fire Trucks will be visiting areas of the city on Saturday July 2. In addition, we continue to partner with Chaffee County Fire Protection District Station 4 and their trucks will be visiting the Town of Poncha Springs on the same evening. We will begin at 6:00 pm and will continue until we have driven each street in the city, town and surrounding fire district. If you miss us, donations can be mailed to the City of Salida Fire Department at PO Box 86 or dropped off at the fire station. Please mark donations as “Fireworks”. We appreciate the support of the citizens and visitors give us every year. Without your generosity we would not be able to have the show. In addition, you will see other fundraising efforts around the area. Keep your eyes open for these events.

Many people will be buying and lighting their own fireworks. I would like to take this time to remind everyone about fireworks safety and our dry weather conditions.

As many of you are aware this has been a busy fire season so far. Citizens throughout the United States are being impacted daily by wild land fires. In particular, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas have been hit particularly hard with hundreds of thousands of acres of land and many homes being destroyed. While fireworks are great to watch, let us keep the fire danger in mind.

Over the last month, the Sheriff has worked with each of the affected agencies in the county to maintain a wild fire preparedness level to ensure the safety of the citizens. The use of fireworks is addressed in the county burn ordinance (2006-10) and if a “No burn Day” or a fire restriction is imposed, this may impact the display of your fireworks in the county and within the City of Salida. Please make sure you watch the newspaper and listen to the radio for any possible restrictions. You may also contact your local fire department. Let’s all hope for a little rain to reduce the fire danger.

Should you choose to display your own fireworks, please use only legal fireworks and have only adults lighting them. If you allow your child to hold sparklers only do so with proper supervision. Although these and other fireworks are legal they should be treated with respect. While they do not project or explode, a sparkler or fountain still emits hot particles that may injure you or your child by getting in your eye or on your skin.

Please keep all of the firefighters, police officers and volunteers who are on the front lines of the many wild land fires in your thoughts. They are working in a very hazardous environment to contain these fires and protect homes, lives and property. Have a safe and happy holiday. Hope to see you at the fireworks display.

Don Taylor, Fire Cheif