City to begin Property Maintenance Code Enforcement in C-1 zone

A good way to avoid major, expensive repairs to your property is to perform routine maintenance. Well maintained properties provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

In October of 2008 the City embarked on a systematic enforcement of the property maintenance code for commercial and multi-family buildings. At that time violations were found at 29 properties in the downtown. All of those violations have been corrected with the exception of the Unique Theater. If we maintain a regular schedule of inspections and enforcement in the future, the downtown should maintain a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

This summer the community development and police departments will continue the enforcement program as we begin working with owners of commercial property in the C-1 zone to ensure buildings are being adequately maintained. The standard for maintenance is the International Property Maintenance Code as adopted by the City Council.

Salida’s C-1 zone primarily includes properties within two blocks of both Hwy 50 and Hwy 291/Oak/First Street, outside of the historic downtown. The zones are illustrated on the Address & Zoning Map.

Many of the violations to the code that were documented in the downtown were cosmetic or required minor repairs to decorative cornices, masonry walls or windows. Property owners were notified beginning in mid-November of 2008. Many of the repairs required paint or other weather-dependent work. To accommodate the nature and extent of the repairs, property owners were encouraged to enter into a voluntary agreement with the City outlining their proposed timeline for repair work.

It is the hope of the City that we will be able to continue this cooperative approach to necessary repairs for commercial buildings in the C-1 zone this summer. This column should serve to put property owners on notice that the City will be investigating commercial properties over the next month. Letters of violation will be sent to owners in July allowing the remainder of the summer for repairs to be made.

The property maintenance code applies to all commercial and multi-family buildings. Single family and two-unit residential structures are not subject to this code.