Wastewater Plant Manager’s Spring Update

The Wastewater Project has been put on hold, awaiting rebid of the project.

We have decided to add some components back into the project that we originally had talked about but did not think we could afford. But with the lower interest rates and the money available we have added the components back into the bid specifications. We have added back covers for some tanks and disc filters for some tertiary treatment for future nutrient removal that State and EPA will add in upcoming years, such as Phosphorous and Total Nitrogen.

Right now all of the drawings and specifications are in the hands of USDA awaiting their approval to go out to bid again.

Biosolids are being tested for the 2010 solids for public giveaway. There are still some Biosolids left from 2009, but they will go fast this spring. We are gearing up to start processing biosolids in 2011. Testing of the biosolids includes pathogen destruction, Salmonella (strep), enteric viruses, and metals testing. We have to meet a certain criteria set forth by the EPA and the State of Colorado before the biosolids can be given away to the public. Just remember when using these biosolids use according to Wastewater Plant Guidelines.

With spring on the horizon what that means for us is an intense maintenance schedule on all equipment at the facility. Our preventative maintenance program has saved our department a lot of money over the years by taking care of the equipment on a regular schedule and eliminating emergency maintenance. We do however have the occasional emergency breakdown but staff is trained to handle 95% of any repairs that need to be done at the facility. I have been blessed with a good staff that can handle these repairs and work really good together.

One of the City wide projects for the year is conservation. We are working on cutting back on cycle rates of pumping, conserving run times on equipment, cutting back on heating and fan cycles, conscientious about lights being on and making sure our equipment is running efficiently.

Our newest employee Bryan MacNiven has taken and passed the Class D Wastewater Certification and is now working a rotation with the rest of Wastewater Staff. This is a great relief on all of the staff, since we work seven day rotations this means the frequencies will be less with the addition of another Certified Operator.