More Phone Scams in Salida

From Chief Clark, City of  Salida Police Department.

On January 12, 2011 our department received a phone call from a local citizen who reported a suspicious phone call, which she believed to be a scam.

The Salida resident told us that a caller identified himself with the “National Medical Service” and proceeded to tell her about how every Senior Citizen in the United States was going to receive this medical card.

The caller did have our residents name and address. The caller then asked her to get out her checkbook and verify the account information.  At this point our resident “Hung Up” on the caller and notified our department.

Our department believes this to be a scam and wants to caution anyone from giving out any information over the phone. If you should receive a call of this nature or any similar call, we advise to hang up on the caller.

Chief Terry Clark