The Benefits of Recreation-Things to do in the Fall

By Theresa Casey, Recreation Manager

As the seasons change so do our physical activity habits. Don’t let the chill in the air and the earlier sunset keep you from recreating this winter. The benefits of recreation are abundant: recreation reduces stress and depression, promotes creative play and rejuvenates your body and mind. Wikipedia defines recreation as “any activity performed during one’s leisure or free time”.

Swimming for recreation can provide you with a cardio vascular workout and you can swim laps just about anytime the pool is open. For the more serious swimmer we offer Adult Coached Swim practices and Youth Stroke Clinics. Swimming is great for athletes who may have an injury preventing other activities with more impact and jarring motions. The water can be soothing, and it provides resistance when exercising. Water fitness classes provide a more social workout and are offered many times each day. Check our schedule to find something that fits into your calendar. Water Volleyball is very popular and is played twice a week in the mornings, but we will put up the net anytime a group wants to play as long as other activities are not impacted.

We offer several land fitness classes as well, such as kickboxing, low-impact aerobics and senior strength training. These group fitness classes offer exercise in an enjoyable group setting. Our instructors are motivational and really enjoy what they are teaching.

Of course you don’t have to participate in swimming or group fitness programs to reap the benefits of recreation. Remember recreation is any activity performed during one’s leisure or free time. Walking is free, can be done alone or in a group and provides a steady cardiovascular workout. Walk as fast as you can while still being able to easily carry on a conversation. If your canine friend wants to join you, Loyal Duke’s Dog Park is easy to access and your dog can be off-leash. You may even want to join the Salida Dog Club.

Community Contra Dances are a great recreational and social outlet. Dances are held at the Salida Scout Hut in Riverside Park, and each dance is followed by a dessert potluck.

Tennis is a lifetime sport and is currently experiencing a resurgence in Salida. If you have never learned or are a bit rusty, we have a great instructor and would love to see you join in this excellent activity. Tennis can be played almost year round here in the Banana Belt.

No matter what your choice is for recreation, remember the Salida Recreation Department offers many outlets for you by yourself or with a group. We offer snowshoeing, tumbling, swim lessons, family fun nights and kayak roll sessions. New this year we are offering: Babysitting 101, Community All-Comers Swim Meet, 2011 Fitness Challenge, New Year’s Day 5k Fun Run/Walk, and a children’s movement class “Rowdy at Riverside”. Back by popular demand is the Ski Bus to Monarch, December Food Drive and Jive and Dive.