School is Open-Drive Carefully

Greetings from the Salida Police Department. Fall is on its way in and school is back in session. With this I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss some safety issues concerning pedestrian- bike traffic on the roads.

I want to take this opportunity to give an update on our department. We have been very busy this summer and the summer time events all went well. I believe Fib-Ark was one of the bigger crowds to turnout in some years. Over all we all have enjoyed a good summer.

With schools back in session I would like to talk about traffic safety. This time of year as you drive in town you will encounter many school children going to and from school. I would like to ask everyone to be mindful of the school kids and watch the cross intersections very closely. Please wait on all the pedestrian traffic to clear the roadway before proceeding. One area of concern is where pedestrians are crossing other than a stop intersection. I see part of the vehicles stop and motion the kids on across- this can be dangerous. The trouble is the traffic from the other direction may not see the pedestrians in time to stop. The best practice in this case is to drive slowly on by and allow the pedestrians to make the choice when it is safe to cross. If the pedestrians are already into the street then you will have to stop.

The next item has to do with weeds and junk vehicles. I have tasked our Code Enforcement officer with addressing issues with this problem. This time of year the rains come and a lot of weeds follow. Our municipal code addresses weeds and brush issues in SMC 7-5-20, which clearly states that as a property owner you can not allow the weeds to exceed twelve inches in height. Each property owner has an obligation to maintain their property so as not to be in violation. Besides the obvious problem of being unsightly it is also a fire hazard, attractant to pest and could be a hazard to anyone’s health.

I have noticed more and more junk vehicles around town. Some alleyways have several in each block. The Salida Municipal code deals with junk and abandoned vehicles in SMC 8-3-20. It is against our code to keep wrecked or junk vehicles on public ways as well as private property where it is stored outside in plain view. You can store them in a closed building.

I would just ask all of the people of Salida to look at your properties and take care of any issues along these lines. We all are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful area and a wonderful community, so let’s take pride in our properties and maintain them.

We live in a great community with a lot of good people and I want to thank each of you for your continued support. The Salida Police Department would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable Fall and Winter. If you have any questions or concerns please call @ 539-6880.

Terry Clark, Chief of Police