Police Chief issues reminder about Leash Laws

On August 19, 2010 the Salida Police Department took a report of a woman being attacked by two different dogs on the Riverside Park trail. The attacks were separate but in close proximity of time. The woman was walking her dog on a leash when she encountered a pit bull that was not on a leash. The pit bull attacked the woman and her dog. The pit bull’s owner came along and eventually pulled the dog away. A second dog also came along after the first episode and the same thing occurred.

Fortunately the woman was only slightly injured but it could have been worse. One of my concerns with this situation is the dog owners not putting their dog on a leash while out in the public. It seems like a good deal of pet owners have started leaving the leash off and just carrying the leash or they hang the leash around their neck. I have seen people either walking their dogs or riding a bike along beside the dog with the dog off of the leash. This will not work.

The city has a “Leash Law.” The law requires you to keep your dog leashed while out in public at all times. The reason for the leash law is to protect people and the other dogs from attacks. If you have a leash on you can control your dog. Over the last three years our numbers of vicious dog calls have increased by thirty percent. Dog bites can be very dangerous to people and other animals, so please put the leash on when you take your dog for walks or rides.

As a reminder our department will issue a summons for any violation of failure to restrain and confine your dog.