Notice of a Finding of No Significant Impact

The USDA, Rural Utilities Service has received an application for financial assistance from the City of Salida.  The proposal consists of the construction of new waste water treatment facilities and upgrades to the existing waste water treatment facilities to meet existing and future demand and satisfy new discharge standards established by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Construction activities will occur at the site of the existing wastewater treatment facility, located at 6608 CR 102, Salida, CO 81201. No property conversion is involved with this project. (1)

As required by the National Environmental Policy Act and agency regulations, the Rural Utilities Service prepared an Environmental Assessment of the proposal that assessed the potential environmental effects of the proposal and the effect of the proposal may have on historic properties. The Environmental Assessment was published on June 2, 2010 for a 30-day public comment period. No comments were received. Upon consideration of the applicant’s proposal, federal and state environmental regulatory and natural resource agencies, the absence of historic properties identified at the site and public input the agency has determined that the proposal will not have a significant effect on the human environment and for which an Environment Impact Statement will not be prepared. The basis of this determination is the identification of sufficient risk mitigation with regard to locating facilities within a floodplain, planned utilization of construction Best Management Practices and implementation of a Storm Water Management Plan.  

In order to avoid or minimize any adverse environmental impacts, the Rural Utilities Service will require the applicant to incorporate the following mitigation measures into the proposal’s design:

  1. To mitigate risks association with the location of the facilities within the floodplains, an emergency pump station will be constructed for the effluent discharge line during those conditions where gravity discharge is not possible.
  2. Utilization of construction Best Management Practices, to include but not limited to:  suppression of dust from construction related activities; re-vegetation of areas disturbed by construction activities; and limiting construction noise pollution to daylight hours.
  3. Implementation of a Storm Water Management Plan.

Copies of the Environmental Assessment can be reviewed or obtained at:

USDA, Rural Development                                 City of Salida
655 Parfet Street, Room E-100                        448 East First Street, Suite 112
Lakewood, CO 80204                                           Salida, CO 81201
720.544.2912                                                         719.539.4555

For further information, contact Duane Dale, Area Specialist at 970-565-8416 extension 4.

A general location map of the proposal is included in this notice. 

(1) Important Farmland, Wetland, Floodplain, or an adverse effect to a historic property.