City offers reminders about local licenses required

One of my duties as Deputy City Clerk is to maintain licenses within City limits. At this time the City of Salida does not have a general business license, but we do have Liquor Licenses, Special Events Liquor Permits, Peddlers, Solicitors, and Transient Merchants licenses, Arborist licenses, and Animal licenses.  Vendors who do not have a permanent location for their business are required to purchase a Peddlers, Solicitors, and Transient Merchants Permit.

The majority of licenses issued are liquor licenses. There are 36 liquor licensed facilities in the City of Salida. This does not include Special Events Liquor Permits. Salida issues approximately 20 Special Events Liquor Permits annually.  A Special Events Liquor Permit can be applied for by non-profit organizations who wish to serve liquor at an organized event.  In order to apply for a Special Event liquor permit, you must be a non-profit organization, a political candidate, or fraternal organization.  It is not legal to sell or give away alcohol to the public without a valid liquor license.

Annual events such as FIBArk, Brewers Rendezvous, the Fallen Bikers Rally, Bluegrass Festival, and Fine Arts Festival draw a large number of people into the community.  These events are very beneficial to our local restaurants, motels and to our local economy in general. However, the City must enforce rules set by the State that apply to these events.  

Liquor licenses have many rules set by the State. During these events our restaurants might have to ask customers to wait outside until seating is available.  Most of our restaurants hold a liquor license and liquor can never be allowed outside of their designated liquor area.  If they allow a customer to leave their facility with an open container of alcohol, the customer would be in direct violation of the City of Salida open container law.  The restaurant would also be in violation of state and local laws, and could be sited.

An outdoor area where alcohol is served must be controlled by the applicant, and is usually enclosed with fencing. This applies both to a permanent area or temporary area, such as special events held in Riverside Park. Alcohol must not leave the designated area approved in the permit.

Some business owners believe that if you give alcohol away that it’s okay, but in reality you need to have a liquor license to distribute alcohol to the public. This same rule applies to those non-profit organizations that hold a Special Events Liquor Permit.  The event organizers are responsible for making sure that the liquor stays in the designated liquor area.  Violations subject the event organizers to fines and the possibility that the local liquor authority could deny them a Special Events Liquor Permit in the future or renewal of a permanent license in the future.

An Art Gallery Permit is available for those Artists that wish to give away glasses of liquor to patrons visiting their galleries. It seems like every year I hear that there is a lot of liquor allowed on the streets during our annual events.  Remember that if you choose to serve alcohol from your location, you must be licensed and allowing customers to leave a licensed area with a glass of alcohol in hand, you and the customer could be subject to being sited for a violation of state liquor laws

Please contact me at City Hall, if you have any questions.  The phone number is 719-530-2630.