City of Salida Receives Favorable Decision on Lawsuit

City of Salida receives favorable decision on the Plaintiffs’ First Claim for Relief in the lawsuit with the Salida Visitor Group, Don Jackson and Elizabeth Kudasik:

The City of Salida received very good news that it has prevailed on the First Claim for Relief in the suit filed against it by Don Jackson, Elizabeth Kudasik and the Salida Visitors Group (SVG). The Plaintiffs alleged the City and Kathryn Young exceeded its jurisdictional authority and abused its discretion when they found that the petitions the group had turned in challenging the City’s Occupational Lodging Tax were flawed and therefore invalid. District Court Judge Stephen A. Groome found that Ms. Young and therefore the City did not exceed their jurisdictional authority nor abuse their discretion in finding against the Plaintiffs and in favor of the Defendants. “This ruling is a big relief to the City and to the individuals who work here and were singled out. It is rewarding to have the court validate that we applied the law appropriately and without over reaching our authority,” stated Jack Lewis City Administrator. “We have a professional staff and we are getting great legal advice regarding issues that many Cities’ never have to deal with.”

The City continues to defend itself through its insurance carrier in the on-going suit. The Plaintiffs also assert that the City Clerk, City Administrator and City Attorney violated their constitutional rights by not allowing the petitions and subsequent vote. Mr. Lewis, “This is an on going drain on the Cities’ budget. Given this ruling I do not understand why SVG would continue the fight wasting the Cities limited funds. I can only hope that common sense will prevail and this will be behind us soon.”