Police Department Prepares for FIBArk

City News
June 11, 2010
Salida Police Department

Greetings from the Salida Police Department. Summer is here and the temperatures outside definitely are on the rise.

I want to take this opportunity to give an update on our department and talk about the summer events here in Salida and possible impacts on all of us. As many of you know we have moved our operations to the new Touber building at 448 E. 1st St. what a great facility. If you have not stopped in, please do so and look over the new facility.

Fib-Ark is one week away and it looks to be as big as ever and will draw in a lot of visitors in to our City. Parking is a big issue during this event as the downtown area has limited space and as streets are closed off it becomes even more of a problem. I would ask anyone who can to leave their vehicle at home and walk to the event, if this is not an option you might possibly find parking several blocks from lower downtown. Just a reminder we will enforce the two hour parking rules on any of the posted areas which are not in the closed off event area.

Another area to watch for is parking in alleyways in the event area- do not do this as we must keep the fire lanes- access open to the area. The alleys in some areas of the event are the only access for residents to come and go from their homes, so please be mindful of this. Also just reminders to all Fib Ark goers- dogs are not allowed in the event area. The only exception will be a “working or service” dog assisting their owner.

The next area I want to cover is bicycling on Salida streets. I have addressed this in the past but want to mention it again. We have a large number of residents as well as visitors who ride their bicycles on the street. Our department’s number one concern in this area is safety. I want to encourage bicyclist and vehicle drivers to be considerate and patient with one another, learning to share the roads. Just as a reminder, bicyclists need to obey the rules of the roads, such as Stop/Yield signs. I must say over the past year I have noticed a lot of our local cyclist obeying the rules, this is encouraging.

We live in a great community with a lot of good people and I want to thank each of you for your continued support. The Salida Police Department would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer. If you have any questions or concerns on these issues or others, please contact us.

Terry Clark
Chief of Police