Community Development Department Spring Update

With the economic downturn, we have seen a decrease in building permit and current planning applications. This reprieve has allowed the staff of the Community Development Department a much needed opportunity to catch up on some long-range projects for the City.

The Planning Commission has been plugging away at the update to the Comprehensive Plan for a couple of years now. A draft is now available of the ten major chapters of the plan. The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document for the City setting forth both the vision for the community we want to be in coming years and an outline of actions to achieve that vision.

The Planning Commission and City Council will be meeting on Monday, May 24th to discuss the draft plan. While the Planning Commission is responsible for drafting the plan, the City Council must set the overall vision for the community and ultimately adopt the plan and pursue implementation.

Another project that has seen substantial progress in recent months is an update to the Downtown Salida Design Guidelines. These guidelines are utilized by the Historic Preservation Commission when reviewing applications for alterations in the historic downtown or for local landmarks.

Shortly after formation of the Historic Preservation Commission in 2002, the Guidelines were created to provide clarification of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation and cater those standards for Salida’s downtown. After working with the original guidelines for eight years and reviewing numerous applications, the Historic Preservation Commission determined it was time to update the guidelines.

The revised guidelines are intended to provide clear guidance for property owners and architects working in the historic downtown. The document includes information about the importance of historic preservation as well as appropriate treatments for historic buildings. The Historic Preservation Commission will be meeting with local architects, designers and former members of the commission on Thursday, May 27th to review the draft document.

Drafts of both the Comprehensive Plan and the Downtown Salida Design Guidelines are available on the city’s website . Any comments or questions are welcome and can be directed to Dara MacDonald 719-530-2629.