WasteWater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Status of Wastewater Plant Upgrade

The Salida WWTP has received site application approval from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. SGM the cities engineers along with Finance Manager Jan Schmidt and Administrator Jack Lewis are currently working with USDA Rural Development to obtain financing for the project which will include a combination of low interest loans and grants. USDA Rural development has made comments on the first submittal of the Preliminary Engineering Report, and SGM has completed revisions and resubmitted to USDA for review. Overall the feed back from USDA has been positive and it appears that they desire to keep the project moving forward and funding to be successful. Following the approval of the PER and ER from USDA, the next step will be the publication of a “Notice of Availability of an EA” (Environmental Assessment). The ER becomes an Environmental Assessment after approval by USDA. The engineers at SGM are working towards 30% construction drawing stage for the proposed expansion and improvements at the wastewater treatment facility. SGM is preparing a presentation to the City Council for the April 20th Council meeting. Our staff and SGM are working closely together on the design of the new facility as construction sequencing for the improvements will be critical to a successful project. The Process design report a requirement of the CDPHE will be submitted in the next few weeks. The Bid Process is scheduled to begin this summer and construction probably starting in October 2010.
The coordination of this effort is very critical since we have to maintain operation of the facility during construction. We have been accessing the key components of operation that need to be handled during this sequencing. We have been going through all of our laboratory procedures that are ran at our facility and what we will be doing in the future.
Plant staff has been busy readying ourselves for the project and going through equipment that can be utilized in the new process. We have been going through controls that we have and how we want to implement them into the new (SCADA) Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition system. We are deciding what items we want to monitor, (collect data), what we want to control (send signals to equipment), what end results do we want from our computers, what kind of signals exist now, what additional signals we would like to add to our computers to enhance plant performance and decrease power usage, and how we want to view plant performance from remote locations.
On March 16, 2010 the City held a public comment session at that Council meeting with no one present for comment. This step was necessary for the USDA Loan Process..Plant staff is very excited to keep moving forward with this project and really appreciate the support the Mayor, council, and administration have given us with this project. We are confident with the type of process we have selected and are anxious to get this project under construction.
Plant personnel have been busy working on maintenance and housekeeping, we are getting ready to send biosolids samples out so we have plenty of biosolids ready for the
Spring for gardening and yards.