Planning Hosts Public workshop Thursday, March 4th

Dara MacDonald
Community Development Director
February 26, 2010

Think the City is out of touch? Looking for ways to tell your local government where they should be focusing their efforts and your tax dollars? Help us better understand citizen desires and develop the comprehensive plan for the community!

Join us for a public workshop Thursday, March 4th at the Salida SteamPlant from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. During this meeting we propose discussion of the three most recently drafted chapters of the comprehensive plan; Housing, Economic Sustainability and Recreation and Open Space. We want to hear what you and your neighbors think about these topics. In particular, what do you think the role of the City should be in promoting programs or spending taxpayer funds? We hope you can join us.

The comprehensive plan is the guiding document for the community. At this time we are seeking input from the public in a variety of ways including the recent community survey and public meetings.

The Planning Commission, with support from the Community Development Department, has been working to revise the City’s Comprehensive Plan. To date they have reviewed drafts of seven chapters which are available for anyone to review on the City’s website at: Please take a look and let us know what you think. If you would like a printed copy of any chapter, let us know and we will provide them.

On January 12th approximately 80 citizens attended a public workshop to discuss the results of the 2009 Community Survey and several chapters of the comprehensive plan. During that meeting we received input on the draft principles of the Community Character, Land Use and Growth, Environmental Sustainability and Transportation chapters. The suggestions from that workshop have now been incorporated into these chapters.

The public input we receive through public meetings such as these, community surveys, individual comments, and the formal adoption process will help to inform the principals and policies contained in the Comprehensive Plan.

I hope that you will consider joining in for this workshop at the SteamPlant on March 4th. We value your time, so stay for the time that you have to give. We would rather you come late than not at all. Thanks for joining in the conversation and participating in keeping Salida a wonderful community!