Unique Theater

Historic photo of Unique Theater

On May 19, 2010 the Building Official, William Paradise, issued a notice of code violation and order to correct the problems for the property at 129 W. First Street known as the Unique Theater. The order allowed until August 30, 2010 for the owner, Salcat Properties, LLC, to correct the problems or demolish the building. The order was issued following an inspection of the property conducted on May 13, 2010. No action was taken by the owner to either remediate the safety concerns or demolish the building. Once the August 30th deadline had passed the City Council began taking steps to address the safety concerns identified by the Building Official.

Unique Theater 2006

On April 15, 2011 the City entered into a Repair and Stabilization Agreement with Tim Pollak who holds the first deed of trust on the property. This agreement sets forth a schedule for Mr. Pollak to address the building code violations and to repair the facade of the structure.

The property is currently listed for sale by Pinon Real Estate of Salida.

Unique Theater 2009

[There is a local effort known as “Save the Unique Theater” that has been formed in an effort to support preservation of this local landmark. This effort is being led by Jim Miller and can be contacted at: savetheuniquetheater@yahoo.com.

The following are documents related to the recent enforcement actions taken by the City and the history of enforcement over the last several years.