Salida Pool Locker Room Project

New Locker rooms and other improvements on tap for 2015

The Salida Hot Springs facility continues to improve and this year we will be adding new locker rooms to the facility. City Council approved the new locker rooms in the 2015 Capital Improvement Budget. Staff began work on this project in January, hiring a local architect to help design and develop a full vision, including all construction documents.

Some would question the need for new locker-rooms as the ones we have look fine. The pool itself was built in 1937 as a part of the Works Progress Administration under President Roosevelt. Many parts and systems have been replaced over the years and in fact the locker-rooms had a face lift in 2009 addressing some of the more urgent issues, like the roof leaking.

The problems with the current locker-rooms are those that you cannot see from the surface. Cameras inserted into the underground plumbing lines showed that the infrastructure is crumbling. We have been advised that the life span of the current plumbing is at the critical stage (failure).

Another issue is related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the fact that we do not have ADA compliant shower stalls or toilet stalls in the current locker-rooms. Because our facility was built prior to the implementation of the ADA, we have not had to add these facilities. However, our senior and physically challenged population is a large part of our customer base. (We do have ADA toilet stalls located in another part of the building.) The locker room addition will put the facility into a mandatory ADA upgrade position.

The facility also lacks decent family style locker-rooms. Families with young children currently use old soaking pool rooms as a family changing space, or take their young children into the opposite sex locker room to change.

Current building codes call for a minimum number of fixtures (toilets and sinks) as related to the facilities capacity. We do not currently meet those requirements.

There have been multiple comments regarding the storage of belongings in the locker rooms while one is using the pool. Many of our younger guests simply leave their personal items on the limited bench space, creating frustration for other users when there is no place to sit down. To alleviate this issue there will be an increased number of lockers in each locker room as well as a few dozen “cubbies” which are free to use.

These issues will all be addressed with the new locker rooms.

The locker room addition is expected to be finished sometime before the holiday season starts. Current locker rooms will be open for use during construction.

Other improvements to the Hot Springs Pool include new perimeter grates for the leisure pool, improved lighting in the main pool area, exterior painting of the Aquatics Center and some pump room pump/motor replacements. There is also a surprise on the horizon and it should be installed and functional by the end of our spring shut-down. (May 4-9, 2015).

These improvements to the Aquatics Center are paid for out of the Capital Improvement Budget and the Lodging Occupation Tax revenue.