Land Use Code

In 2012, Chapter 16 Land Use and Development was updated and revised with new development procedures. This process took over a year and received months of public input from residents of the community, local lawyers, business owners, builders, and developers. Throughout the process the Community Development staff mailed and emailed notices to these interested members of the public, staff wrote numerous articles in the Mountain Mail, and held public hearings with both the Planning Commission and City Council.

However, after the extensive public input including direct mailers and articles in the Mountain Mail it was brought to Staff’s attention that the noticing for final adoption did not meet the requirements of CRS 31-23-304.   Due to a miscommunication public notice of the public hearing on second reading of the Ordinance 2012-24 was published 11 days ahead of the hearing rather than 15 days ahead of the hearing.  In order to eliminate any potential challenges, staff feels it prudent to readopt Title 16 at this time.

Over the past year, staff and the Planning Commission have been using the new code to review Land Use Development applications. The following documents outline the current progress and proposed amendments that both the Planning Commission and City Council are considering.

01.07.14 City Council & Planning Commission conceptual review memo

01.14.14 Planning Commission work session memo

01.27.14 Planning Commission regular meeting – Land Use Code memo and updated code

At this time the 2012 Land Use code is in effect as adopted by Ordinance 2012-24. The current code can be found in its entirety by clicking this link.

During the January 27, 2014 Planning Commission Public hearing several members of the public asked to have the previous Land Use Code prior to Ordinance 2012-24 posted on the City website. This code can be found by clicking the following link. This code is no longer in effect.