Police Ride Along Program

The goal of the Salida Police Department is to acquaint citizens with the day to day operations. In recognizing this we developed a program which allows any citizen 18 yrs of age or older to apply for a one time ride along with a officer on duty. The typical length of the ride is usually 4-5 hours and begins at 6P.M. We allow each citizen applicant 1 ride per year.

The application process is simple to complete and does require a background check to be completed. The Chief of Police reviews the application and records check. If approval is given, the person will be notified and the current days allowed run Sunday through Thursday. A time and place will be given to you and the contact officer to meet. The Salida Police Department reserves the right to refuse an application for the ride along.

We are proud to offer this program with the understanding that certain rules will apply to the citizen rider. We consider your position as an observer, with the officer being in charge of your welfare at all times. No cameras or recorders are allowed unless a request for this is approved by the Chief of Police with the application process.

If you are interested in the program, please contact Annabelle Bustos, Police Administrative Assistant at 719-530-2600